Agri-Awareness Day

Education is important to the Palmerston Agricultural Society

Agri Awareness Day

Grade 6 students from Palmerston Public, Minto-Clifford and Maryborough Public Schools attended AG Awareness Day 2022.  There were 110 students and 8 stations for them to attend.

The stations were goats, grain crops, beef, dairy, pork, recycling, chicken and maple syrup. There were live animals for the chicken, goats, dairy and beef to see up close and touch. Many stations had hands-on activities to help with the learning effort.

The afternoon Farmer Olympics had each team working hard together to beat their competitor. With the rain, the Olympics moved indoors. The feed sack race was changed to a broomball skills challenge. The round bale roll was changed to a three-legged race. There was the egg and spoon relay. Each team had only 6 eggs and needed to carry them through the pilons on a spoon without breaking them all. There was also the farmer’s relay. Students put on their coveralls and rubber boots, loaded a pumpkin into the wheelbarrow, wheeled down and around the pilon, back to the starting line, unloaded the pumpkin, took off their rubber boots and coveralls for the next student.  The cheering was deafening but it was great to see everyone have so much fun to try to win.  Congrats to a team from Palmerston Public for winning the trophy!

Each student was given a chocolate milk and a  goody bag with some fun stuff as well as information on each of the commodities they had seen during their day.

The next Ag Awareness day, on September 20, is sure to be filled with lots of knowledge and fun competition. 

2023 Ag Awareness Day

This years event will take place on Wednesday, September 20, 2023

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