Advanced Prize List

Junior Flowers — Class U

2024 Class U:  Junior Flowers

Committee: Sharon Lines (519-343-5112), Joan Hamilton

Ages: 5-12 years

Rules:  Name of school as of September 2024, must appear on the tag and attached to exhibit using elastic band if possible. Children are encouraged to grow their own flowers from seed. Follow the same guidelines as given for Class I – Flowers and Plants. One entry per child in each class.

Prizes:  ~ 1st – $4.00; 2nd – $3.00; 3rd – $2.00; 4th – $1.00

  1. Dahlia, 1 large bloom over 5” diameter
  2. Black eyed Susan, 3 flowers
  3. Marigold, French type, 5 blooms with foliage
  4. Sunflower, 1 bloom over 6” diameter
  5. Rose, 1 bloom floating in a bowl with foliage
  6. 3 Sedum flowers
  7. 3 sprays of Petunias, single flower

Class U Specials:

  1. Gift or gift certificate for most points in Class U
  2. All other exhibitors will be entered into a draw for a gift certificate from a sponsor

Exhibitor Entry Form

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