Advanced Prize List

Elementary School – JK – Grade 8 — Class S

2024 Class S:  Elementary School  ~ JK – Grade 8

Committee:   Susan Lammers (519-343-5973), Lisa Bramhill, Becca Behling, Tiffany Hoelscher, Nicole Crawford

Rules: Please include name of the school on exhibitor’s tag. All grades as of June 2024.

Prizes: ~ 1st – $4.00; 2nd – $3.00; 3rd – $2.00; 4th – $1.00

Junior and Senior Kindergarten:

  1. Print: Sow it Grow it Show it 
  2. Hand print flower painting – Paint your hand with lots of different colours. Make a hand print on the paper. Add a stem and leaves with paint and decorate the flower 
  3. Colour a picture in a colouring book, relating to farm life 
  4. Create any craft using recycled material 

Grade 1:

  1. Print 5 different field crops 
  2. Cotton Bud Flowers: Create a garden of flowers: Tape 5 cotton swaps together and dip the cotton swap into paint. Press them down and lift straight up off the paper. Add as many flower buds as you like. After add stems and leaves. 
  3. Make a pipe cleaner picture using other craft supplies if needed 
  4. Draw and colour a picture of a dairy farm

Grade 2:

  1. Print: 

  1. Life cycle of a plant using a diagram. What does a plant need the grow? add this to your diagram.
  2. Scribble Art: Scribble using pencil crayons and create a vegetable garden
  3. Draw the same picture four times on one piece of paper with all four of our seasons

Grade 3:

  1. Draw a cornstalk using pencil crayons and label the tassel, leaves, roots, ear of the corn, silk, stalk and husk 
  2. Draw and label in French two pieces of farm machinery used to grow agriculture crops in this area or draw and label in French different farm animals.
  3. Teachers’ art choice 
  4. Flower Garden: using plastic forks, dip the fork in paint and press it onto the paper like a stamp. Paint stems and leaves.

Grade 4:

  1. The Fall Fair Theme is Sow it, Grow it, Show it. Incorporate the theme in a pencil drawing. 
  2. Draw a tree, using pencil crayons. Cut ½ inch strips of construction paper any colour. Wrap the paper strip all the way around your pencil and slide it off, dip the paper quill into glue and glue it to the tree. 
  3. Create a scarecrow any medium 
  4. Write a poem: Down on the Farm 

Grade 5:

  1. Pencil sketch a face of a cow 
  2. Create fields of different crops growing using one-point perspective 
  3. Students art work 
  4. Draw, design a picture of your dream tree house 

Grade 6:

  1. Design a farmer’s field with five different crops growing 
  2. Illustrate your name-Use any medium showing your creative personality 
  3. Teachers Art Choice 
  4. Create a computerized poster- promoting the Palmerston Fair 

Grades 7 & 8:

  1. Sketch of your shoe 
  2. Three styles of Art— divide paper into 3 columns, each form used in the different columns. Realism – art that depicts objects/people in a realistic way. Abstract – art that depicts objects/people in a semi-form creation, Non-Objective – art that does not depict any form, just design and expression. Use your imagination and create a work of art.
  3. Students’ art choice 
  4. Write about the Fair Theme “Sow it Grow it Show it,” as an article in the local paper 
  5. Any projects you would like to share, enter here 

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