Agri-Awareness Day

Education is important to the Palmerston Agricultural Society

Agri Awareness Day


  Ag Awareness returned on September 19, 2018 from a three year hiatus.

Grade 6 students from Maryborough Public School and grade 6 and 7 students from Palmerston Public School attended.  There were 110 students and there were nine stations to attend.  For stations there was sheep, dairy, beef, pork, egg, crops, maple syrup, honey and recycling.  Each of the animal stations had live animals for the students to get up close to. Maple Syrup covered how the lines are run in the sugar bush and the sap collected.  The honey discussion covered about hive life and healthy bees.  Wellington County Solid Waste Services came to talk about what really can be recycled and how garbage in the recycling makes it all garbage.  The students were divided into 9 groups and each group spent 20 minutes at each station.  The Norwell LEAF class attended in the morning, the class was divided to join the  groups and at 10:30, they provided a healthy snack to everyone.  Snack consisted of summer sausage, cheese, crackers, carrot sticks and apples.  It was very much enjoyed.

The afternoon consisted of Ag Awareness Olympics.  Students were reorganized into 8 teams and paired off against each other for the games.  Competition was fierce at each game.  There was the Round Bale Roll.   Round bales are not evenly round and the bales did roll in many different directions.  There was the Sack Race.  Using a feed bag, competitors jumped their way around the mid point and back to the finish line as quick as possible.  There was the Egg and Spoon Relay.  Each team had up to 6 fresh eggs to work through for everyone to manoeuvre through the pilons carrying an egg on a spoon.  The grass was rather thick so not many eggs were lost. And finally there was the Farmer’s Relay.  Students put on their coveralls and rubber boots, loaded up three pumpkins in to their wheelbarrow, wheeled it down to the pilon and back to unload the wheelbarrow and get out of their barn clothes for the next student to do it all again.

Pumpkins were bruised, eggs broken, sacks destroyed and round bales rolled over knapsacks but at the end of the games there was a winner.  Palmerston Team 5 was the winner of the Ag Awareness Olympics and took home the trophy.  Fun was had by all.

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