Advanced Prize List

Photography – Class O

Convenors: Marg Stevens (519) 343-5883, Anne Horan, Deb Griffey, Christine Fotheringham, Diane Bakker, Sylvia Roberts, Alana Riff.(Honorary Member- Lou Logan)


Prints must be mounted on Bristol or cardboard extending no more than ½”cm on all sides with exhibitor’s tag attached to a top corner, so it does not cover the photographs. Owners name and address on the back. No writing on the front of the pictures. One submission per category. Photographs to be the work of the exhibitor and taken within the last two years, but can only be exhibited one year.  Minimum sizes 4×4, maximum size 4×6, unless otherwise stated. All exhibits must be placed by 10:00am on Friday August 24th, 2018.

PRIZES: 1st– $4.00; 2nd-$3.00; 3rd– $2.00 

  1. A flower or plant, close-up
  2. Pets
  3. Livestock
  4. A Child
  5. The face of Child
  6. Children
  7. Adult with Child
  8. Sport (Action)
  9. Farm Life
  10. A favorite garden
  11. Water
  12. Winter
  13. Teamwork
  14. Wildlife
  15. Summer Fun
  16. Architecture
  17. Companionship
  18. Make me laugh
  19. A family affair
  20. A View from my Back Door
  21. Novelty Signs
  22. Festive occasion
  23. Self Portrait
  24. View from a high place
  25. Autumn
  26. Cottage or Camp Life 3 prints
  27. It’s 4H
  28. Something Soft
  29. Palmerston Fall Fair 2017
  30. Vacation days – series of 4 prints
  31. Wonderful world of children – series of 4 prints
  32. Any topic – series of 3 prints
  33. Man and machine, working
  34. Historical Architecture
  35. Mystical Sky
  36. Landscape or seascape
  37. A Face in nature
  38. The effects of Nature
  39. Mm…Good
  40. A Face (only a face) with Character
  41. Looks like a Model
  42. Emotion
  43. One Dominant Colour
  44. Shadow or Silhouette
  45. Black & White print
  46. Student Life
  47. One of these Things is Not like the Other
  48. Night Scene
  49. Reflection
  50. Photographer’s Choice (1print)
  51. An Enlargement 8×10
  52. Anything goes: included computer manipulated image
  53. An Odd Couple
  54. Picture with a caption
  55. Old
  56. Canadian Spirit *NEW

NOTE: Please join us on Sunday August 26th at 3:00pm to collect your pictures. There will be no critiquing of pictures this year.


To the exhibitors with the most points in Photography: 1st– $45.00; 2nd– $35.00; 3rd– $30.00; 4th– $25.00

Price money donated by “Absolutely dogs boarding kennel” and  “Noordcreek Farms Ltd” and “Treecastle Acres.” ($45.00 each).