Advanced Prize List

Hobbies and Crafts — CLASS M

2020 Class M: Hobbies & Crafts

Committee:   Janelle Hill (519-510-7119), Katelyn White, Sandra Lloyd, Maggie McMillan

Rules: All Entries must be the work of the exhibitor within the last two years. Articles may be shown no more than two consecutive years. All soiled and old items will be disqualified at the discretion of the judge or director. In case of no competition in a class, the judge is not bound to award a first prize. Please use safety pins on work instead of needles. All items MUST have new tags. Children can enter with the membership fee of $5.

Prizes: ~ 1st – $4.00; 2nd – $3.00; 3rd – $2.00


  1. Three or four generations
  2. A new arrival
  3. Grandparents & grandchildren
  4. Fun with family
  5. Sports


  1. Gift tags made from recycled cards/materials
  2. Christmas bottle bag
  3. Wall hanging
  4. Hand painted clay pot
  5. Make a snowflake using any medium


  1. Pumpkin themed article
  2. Decorated treat container
  3. Spooky Halloween vase
  4. Front door entrance
  5. Garden stone


  1. Burlap door decoration
  2. Baby shower gift
  3. Article made from Mason jars
  4. Any craft made from recycled items
  5. Sun catcher
  6. Father’s Day craft
  7. Bird house, painted or stained (for outdoor use)
  8. Any woodcraft
  9. Teacher gift (not a plant)
  10. Mother’s Day craft
  11. Painted rock
  12. Craft using maps
  13. Barn quilt
  14. Craft made from corks
  15. Shadow box – Around the World
  16. Article using old horse shoes
  17. Article using old barn board
  18. Paper flower bouquet
  19. Woodworking – cheese board
  20. Wreath made of pom poms

Fine Art:

  1. Water scene, any medium
  2. Cow(s), any medium
  3. Winter day, any medium
  4. Blue jay, any medium
  5. Exhibitors take on fair theme – Around the World in 3 Fair Days, any medium

Class M Specials:

  1. Best in Show – Cash prize $25.00
  2. Most points – Cash prize $25.00

Exhibitor Entry Form

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