Hobbies and Crafts- CLASS M

Convenors: Janelle Hill (519-510-7119), Katie White, Sandra Lloyd, Maggie McMillan

RULES: All entries must be work of the exhibitor within the last two years. Articles may be shown no
more than two consecutive years. All soiled and old items will be disqualified at the discretion of the
judge or director. In case of no competition in a class, the judge is not bound to award a first prize.
Please use safety pins on work instead of needles. Must have new tags. Children can enter with the
membership fee of $5.00.
Prizes: 1 st – $4.00; 2 nd – $3.00; 3 rd – $2.00
SECTION A: Fine Arts
1. Penmanship written on 8.5×11 paper, Lyrics for "Small Town and Big Dreams" by Paul Brandt
2. Pencil Sketch of Small Town Palmerston
3. Artwork depicting dreams on a canvas
4. A village in a cardboard box
5. Portrait of Child dreaming
6. Wall decoration for a child's room depicting "Big Dreams"
7. Any painting on wood
8. A painting of an animal
9. A painting under water or of the ocean
10. A painting on stone
11. Abstract art work
12. Any article made of wood
13. Wooden frame
14. Decoration made of wood for front porch
SECTION B: Christmas
15. Christmas lantern arrangement
16. Rustic Christmas porch decoration
17. Christmas centerpiece for table
18. Tiered tray Christmas arrangement
19. Christmas wreath with lights
20. Decorated Christmas stocking
21. Christmas advent calendar
22. Tree skirt
23. Winter swag for door made with artificial tree branches
24. Decoration in a log
25. Snowman article
26. Homemade Christmas decoration for the tree
27. Homemade Snow Globe
SECTION C: Scrapbooker’s Heaven – All pages in clear plastic covers and tags on top left corner
28. Scrapbooking album – 8×8 or smaller
29. Scrapbooking album- 12×12 or larger, not a photo album
30. Online Photo Book done by exhibitor made within the last two years
31. 12×12- Farm life page

32. 12×12- Halloween page
33. 12×12- Vacation page
34. 12×12- Maternity page
35. 12×12- Birthday party page
36. 12×12- Celebrating last year's 150 th of Canada page
37. 12×12- Graduation page
38. 12×12- Baptism page
39. 12×12- Travelling page
SECTION D: Crafts for the Home
40. Succulent decoration
41. Fairy Garden
42. Succulents in glass medium
43. Decoration made out of wood pallet project
44. Barn board sign
45. Barn board decor
46. Decorated window frame
47. Table decoration made with a pitcher or vase
48. Scrub hat
49. Chalk board paint craft
50. Homemade pillow for couch
51. Decoration for Nursery
52. Candle Holder
53. Homemade Jewellery
54. Decoration for front porch
55. Article made of stone
56. Centerpiece for a wedding – not floral, if more than one piece have mounted
57. Homemade bird house
58. Item made for a pet
59. Infant bib- any material
60. Gift for a teacher
61. Hostess Gift
62. Any "Pinterest" Inspired Craft

63. Summer wreath
64. Thanksgiving placemats
65. Thanksgiving decoration
66. Fall Porch Arrangement
67. Fall centerpiece for table
68. Halloween decoration with lights
69. Decorated Witches Broom
70. Pumpkin decoration
71. Easter table decoration
72. Valentine's Decoration, not floral
73. St. Patrick’s Day decoration

74. Mother’s day gift
75. Father’s day gift
Miniature Village of at least three Palmerston Stores
1 st Prize- $15.00, 2 nd Prize- $10.00, 3 rd Prize- $5.00
Most Points – donation from lady director
Best in Show- donation from lady director