Advanced Prize List

Elementary School – JK – Grade 8 — Class S

2022 Class S:  Elementary School  ~ JK – Grade 8

Committee:   Susan Lammers (519-343-5973), Lisa Bramhill

Rules: Please include name of the school on exhibitor’s tag. All grades as of June 2022.

Prizes: ~ 1st – $2.00; 2nd – $1.75; 3rd – $1.50; 4th – $1.00

Junior Kindergarten:

  1. Print your first name and numbers 1-10
  2. Finger paint apple tree – use your paint brush and draw the tree trunk and branches and finger paint the apples and leaves
  3. Colour a picture from a colouring book
  4. Draw a picture of a farm animal in a barn using crayons

Senior Kindergarten:

  1. Print your first and last name and numbers 1-20
  2. Finger paint apple tree – paint a brown trunk, black branches and finger paint all different colour apples and leaves
  3. Colour a picture from a colouring book and mount on construction paper
  4. Draw a picture of farm animals in a barn with a hayloft above the animals using crayons

Grade 1:

  1. Using construction paper, cut out different shapes of circles, squares, triangles and rectangles to create any animal of your choice
  2. Print the name of 5 different vegetables
  3. Using construction paper and popsicle sticks, make a farm scene, also use any other medium to create the perfect picture
  4. Leaf people – collect lots of different shapes of leaves and paste them on construction paper to create people

Grade 2:

  1. Hawaiian lei: using a strip of construction paper to make the band for your head, or use ribbon and decorate it with cut flower shapes, or any other medium.
  2. Print the following poem:

Bee and Sheep

Bee and sheep got in their jeep.

They drove all night and didn’t sleep.

One wheel fell off and rolled away.

They beeped the horn the rest of the way. 

  1. Teachers art choice
  2. Ripped paper pumpkin – using pieces of ripped tissue paper, create a pumpkin

Grade 3:

  1. Where do I live: on an 8 1/2 x 11 white paper, start by drawing your house, then add one town landmark. Over that, draw your province, and then your continent.
  2. Teachers art choice
  3. Winter chalk art: white chalk on black construction paper, create a winter scene.
  4. Write a poem: topic “What I saw on a hike”

Grade 4:

  1. Blow art: using 4 different paint colours, place a large amount of paint on paper, using a straw blow the wet paint around to create a design.
  2. Pencil sketch of the world
  3. Any project of your choice
  4. Raising the Steaks is this years fair theme, explain in your own words what this means

Grade 5:

  1. Draw the main street in Palmerston and label the stores
  2. Teachers art choice
  3. Create a paper boomerang using cardboard—decorate using pastels
  4. Computer designed “thank you” using any type of computer program, design a one-of-a-kind card

Grade 6:

  1. Teachers art choice
  2. Sketch in pencil an activity, relating to the Palmerston fair 
  3. Create a stamp to represent your small town
  4. Write a story on what your adventure would be like if you went around the world in 3 days

Grades 7 & 8:

  1. Any school artwork
  2. Design your own Henna hand design
  3. Paint a stone any design
  4. Any written project

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