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Bucket of Junk Contest

2024 Bucket of Junk Contest

Prizes: ~ Gift Certificates for Blessings – 1st – $15.00; 2nd – $10.00; 3rd – $5.00;

Gift Card from Small Town Pizza for each entry

Each group will pick up a ‘Bucket of Junk’ at the Farmers’ Market or at Blessings from mid June until mid August. There will only be 10 buckets available. Each bucket will have the same number of items and as close to identical items as possible. Using ALL of the items in the bucket, but not the bucket. Each family will work together to create something that depicts this year’s fair theme: Raising the Steaks. Rules will come with your bucket.


Contest sponsored by: Blessings to You, Main St., Palmerston

From a bucket of Junk

to a prize winning Creation