Advanced Prize List

Beef and Pork Carcass Competition — CLASS B & D

2020 Class B: Beef Carcass Competition

Committee:   Jason Schneider (519-343-3157)

The first twelve (12) entries will be accepted and judged live as well as receiving scores for carcass quality and cutability.

Prizes:          ~ 1st – $100.00 and trophy ; 2nd – $75.00; 3rd – $50.00;
$10.00 for all remaining competitors


  1. Participants may enter heifers or steers (no bulls).
  2. All animals must be delivered to Listowel Livestock Yards by 7:00 pm on August 3, 2020.
  3. All animals will be slaughtered at Green’s Meat Market & Abattoir Ltd., Wingham (519-357-2912).
  4. Viewing and final placing will be held at the packing plant.
  5. Loins from the top three carcasses will be purchased by the Agricultural Society, displayed at the fair and auctioned off at 3:00 pm on Saturday August 22, 2020.
  6. The exhibitor may sell his own carcass or keep it for personal use.

Note: Exhibitors of the top three loins will receive the prevailing A price (hot carcass wt.) for these cuts. Additional proceeds earned at the auction will go to the Agricultural Society.


2020 Class D: Pork Carcass Competition

Committee:   Mert Schneider (519-343-2849), Barry Heinmiller (519-343-3307)

Highest scoring market carcass as determined by government Inspectors at Harriston Packing, Harriston.

Prizes:          ~ 1st – $100.00 and trophy; 2nd – $75.00; 3rd – $50.00;
$10.00 for all remaining competitors


  1. All animals to be delivered to Harriston Packing NO later than 8:00 am, Monday August 10, 2020.
  2. All animals will be slaughtered at Harriston Packing. You may keep your own hog or Harriston Packing will purchase.
  3. Palmerston Agricultural Society will purchase the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place hams and pork chops that will be cured and will auction them at 3:00 pm, Saturday August 22, 2020. Meat will be vacuum packed.

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