Advanced Prize List

Antiques & Collectibles – Class P

2020 Class P: Treasures of the Past – Antiques & Collectibles

Committee:   Barb Burrows (519-343-3205)

Rules: Items should be at least 50 years old, unless specified otherwise, and be your own possession. Entries for this class will only be received on Friday morning for security reasons. You exhibit at your own risk, although items will be in a locked glass case. In addition to entry tag securely fastened to your article, a second list of your treasures must accompany the entries to be retained by the class convenor. Historical interest and approximate age of entry would be of interest, but not necessary to win a prize. One entry per exhibitor allowed in each category.

Prizes: ~ 1st – $4.00; 2nd – $3.00; 3rd – $2.00


  1. Cigarette lighter
  2. Hobnail milk glass item
  3. Insulator
  4. Recipe book
  5. Yardstick from local business
  6. World globe

Reminder: Items should be at least 50 years old