Advanced Prize List

Community Living — Class V

2020 Class V:  Community Living

Committee:   Katelyn White (519-501-3241)


Rules:  Open to any child or adult with exceptionalities. Assistance in completing any and all sections is allowed. For entry tags, please call Katelyn White (519-501-3241 or email

Junior – 18 years and under, Senior – 19 years and older

Please mark clearly on the fair tags which age group you fall under


Prizes: ~  1st – $4.00; 2nd – $3.00; 3rd – $2.00;  All entries receive a ribbon

  1. Watercolour painting of an animal not native to Canada
  2. Create a Teacher gift
  3. Create an Australian Aboriginal rain stick out of recycled material
  4. Design an African necklace
  5. Design a card for:
    1. Thanksgiving
    2. Patrick’s day
    3. Hanukah
  6. Scrapbook page for:
    1. Birthday
    2. Wedding
    3. New Baby
  7. Build one of the 7 wonders of the world out of straws and/or popsicle sticks. It can either be free standing or glued on paper
  8. Create a Brazilian Carnival mask
  9. Create a Chinese hand fan
  10. Make a flag from the country of your choice with construction paper and glue

Exhibitor Entry Form

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