Advanced Prize List

Needlecrafts – Class L



Convenors: Sharon Lines 519-343-5112 FranFotheringham-Wenzel,

Gidget Craig, Debbie Voll, Nicole Wareham, Betty Tarc, Liette Will, Diane Speers

Barb Huntley, Tracy Zemmelink


  1. Exhibits must be new work made by exhibitor.
  2. Articles may be shown for 2 years only.
  3. Judges have been authorized to disqualify all soiled or old work.
  4. In case of no competition in a class, the judge is not obligated to award a first prize.
  5. Smaller quilts { minimum perimeter of 260”} can be shown for regular prizes.
  6. Each quilt entry must show on the back of the entry tag who made the quilt top and who quilted it. If this is 2 separate individuals they can still win regular prizes.

Failure to do so will result in disqualification.


PRIZES: Sections 1- 15, 1st-$8; 2nd-$5; 3rd-$3

Hand Quilting

  1. Pieced Quilt
  2. Hand Appliqued
  3. Quilt any other type
  4. Quilt made by a group

Machine Quilting

  1. Pieced Quilt
  2. Machine appliqued
  3. Crazy Patch Quilt
  4. Sampler quilt
  5. Quilt any type not mentioed above
  6. Quilt as you go

Quilts no size restriction

  1. Rag Quilt
  2. Tied quilt or comforter
  3. Couch throw
  4. Quilt from recycled materials
  5. Quilt top pieced or appliqued

Ontario Association of Agriculture Societies Quilt Competition


  1. Hand Quilted Quilt Minimum Size of 324” measured on the perimeter. Solely made and quilted by the exhibitor. Attach name of pattern. Winning quilt will proceed to the District Competion in November.

17.Machine Quilted Quilt Minimum size of 324” measured on the perimeter.Solely made and quilted by the exhibitor (using longarm or domestic machine). Attach name of pattern. Winning Quilt will proceed to the District Competition in November

PRIZES: Sections 18-30 1st-$4; 2nd-$3; 3rd-$2

  1. Crib quilt purchased top hand quilted
  2. Crib quilt purchased top machine quilted
  3. Crib quilt pieced or appliqued hand quilted
  4. Crib quilt pieced or appliqued machine quilted
  5. Wallhanging pieced hand or machine quilted
  6. Wallhanging appliqued hand or machine quilted

24.Wallhanging purchased panel hand or machine quilted

25.Lap quilt, machine quilted, minimum size 36” x 40”

26.Bed runner approx. 20”x80”

27.Cushion pieced or appliqued hand or machine quilted with the fair theme

“  140 Years of Farm and Family Fun”

  1. Cushion purchased panel hand or machine quilted
  2. Set of 2 placemats hand or machine quilted
  3. Tablerunner, machine or hand quilted


PRIZES: Sections 31-36, 1st-$8; 2nd-$5; 3rd-$4

  1. Knit 1 colour
  2. Knit 2 or more colours not varigated yarn
  3. Knit ripple design
  4. Crochet ripple design
  5. Crochet 2 or more colours, not varigated yarn
  6. Crochet granny squares


PRIZES: Sections 37-56, 1st-$4; 2nd-$3; 3rd-$2

  1. Car seat cover or blanket
  2. Baby sweater, 6-18 months
  3. Child’s sweater / cardigan
  4. Child’s sweater with design
  5. Headband
  6. Mittens
  7. Socks
  8. Hat
  9. Adult sweater/ cardigan
  10. Leg warmers or boot toppers
  11. Doll outfit displayed on doll
  12. Slippers
  13. Specialty yarn scarf
  14. Sleep or snuggle sac

51.Prayer shawl

52.Infinity scarf


  1. Fingerless/texting gloves
  2. Dog coat
  3. Knit kitchen set dishcloth and towel


PRIZES: Sections 57-73, 1st-$4; 2nd-$3; 3rd-$2


  1. Car seat cover or blanket
  2. Baby sweater 6-18 months
  3. Placemats set of 2
  4. 2 dishcloths different patterns,
  5. Kitchen set – dishcloth, and towel
  6. Sleeping or snuggle bag
  7. Article of ladies apparel
  8. Article with crochet edging
  9. Slippers
  10. Hat


  1. Novelty scarf

69.Fingerless/texting gloves

70.Leg warmers or boot toppers

  1. Doll outfit displayed on doll
  2. Dog coat
  3. Set of 3 Christmas decorations


PRIZES: Sections 74-101 1st-$4; 2nd-$3; 3rd-$2


75.Wine bottle bag

76..Set of 2 potholders

77.Casserole carrier

  1. Novelty Scarf
  2. Pyjama pants

80.Child’s Sleepwear, pyjamas or nightgown

  1. A pillow case
  2. Article using recycled denim

83.Receiving blanket

  1. Child’s apron
  2. Hallowe’en treat bag
  3. Apron made from a man’s shirt

87.Doll outfit displayed on doll

  1. Adult Bib
  2. Soup bowl Koozie for the microwave
  1. Set of 2 Christmas placemats
  2. Christmas tablerunner or table center
  3. Christmas towel
  4. Christmas Stocking
  5. Christmas Apron


  1. Crib Quilt
  2. Apron
  3. Set of 2 placemats
  4. Cushion
  5. Slippers knit or crochet
  6. Scarf knit or crochet





      open to anyone 16 and under

      no entry fee

  1. lap quilt
  2. Tote bag made from material
  3. Crochet dishcloth
  4. Knit scarf



  1. Queen of the hand quilted quilts in section 16, $25 donated by the Palmerston Agriculture Society
  2. Queen of the machine quilted quilts in section 17, $25 donated by Lynda Alexander
  3. Overall winner in Afghan section basket donated by Spinrite Yarns
  4. Winner of section 49, specialty yarn scarf, donated by Mary Maxim

5.Most points overall Gift Certificate donated by Lady director.