Zucchini Races

New for 2022 Zucchini Races

The races will be held on Sunday at 2:00 pm

Soup up your Zuc! No drivers license necessary. Decorations allowed as long as they will not affect your competitors. Workshop with limited zucchinis, axels and wheels will be held prior to the race.

3 race car classes:

sprouts under 8

young bucks  8-16

young at heart  16+

 Vehicle specs:

width  maximum 8″

length maximum 15″

wheels maximum 4″ in diameter

Outlaw class open to all ages. Use your imagination and any vegetable to race.  Only rules to follow are completed size.

Want to grow your zucchini from seed? Contact Wes Alexander (519-343-2365 ) for more information on where to pick up.  

Committee: Wes Alexander, Christian Feldskov, Jim and Bonnie Dopfer

Sponsored by Roberta’s Tomato Seeds and More in Palmerston.