Zucchini Races

Zucchini Races

The races were a huge success in 2022 and will be returning for the 2023 fair.

The races will be held on Sunday at 2:00 pm

Soup up your Zuc! No drivers license necessary. Grow or buy a zucchini. Add wheels. Add decorations. Or come to the workshop  between 12:00 and 1:30 where there will be limited zucchinis, wheels and decorations for you to build your race car! Time to race!

3 classes:

● sprouts under 8

● young bucks  8-16

● young at heart  16+


Vehicle specs:

● width  maximum 8″

● length maximum 15″

● wheels maximum 4″ in diameter


Outlaw class:

● open to all ages and any vegetable. Use your imagination to create a racing vegetable keeping to the above vehicle specs. 


Zucchini seeds donated by Roberta’s Tomato Seeds and More in Palmerston. Contact Wes & Lynda Alexander (519-343-2365 ) or Jim & Bonnie Dopfer (519-343-3352).