Advanced Prize List


Convenors: Crystal Hartung (577-3635), Janelle Hill

Rules: Open to all seniors over the age of 60. Craft must be made within the last 4 years.  Only one entry per section.  No entry fee. Please use safety pins to attach tags, not needles. Must be new tags.

PRIZES: 1st – $3.00; 2nd– $2.50; 3rd– $2.00

  1. Decoration to celebrate theme- Grains, Plains and Trains
  2. Wheat Sheath decoration
  3. Decoration for 150th of Canada
  4. Burlap project
  5. Handmade red and white knit
  6. Crocheted kitchen set- dish cloth and tea towel
  7. Infinity Scarf
  8. Quilt for a crib
  9. Pieced quit block measuring 12.5
  10. Casserole carrier- round or rectanglar
  11. Pin cushion
  12. Child’s kitchen apron
  13. Christmas stocking
  14. Pet Coat
  15. Knitted mitts
  16. Porch decoration
  17. Homemade garden item
  18. Wine bottle bag
  19. Baby receiving blanket 1 yard in length and matching burper pad
  20. Craft made from recycled item
  21. Adult Colouring Page- see centre of fair book for entry