Advanced Prize List

Hobbies and Crafts – CLASS M

Convenors: Crystal Hartung (519-577-3635), Janelle Hill, Sandra Lloyd, Maggie McMillan

RULES: All entries must be work of the exhibitor within the last two years. Articles may be shown no more than two consecutive years.  All soiled and old items will be disqualified at the discretion of the judge or director.  In case of no competition in a class, the judge is not bound to award a first prize. Please use safety pins on work instead of needles. Must be new entry tags.

Prizes: 1st – $4.00; 2nd – $3.00; 3rd – $2.00

SECTION A: This year’s Theme:  “Grains, Plains & Trains”

  1. NEW– Wheat Sheath decoration
  2. NEW– Decoration displaying 150th Anniversary of Canada
  3. NEW– A wreath with Palmerston Heritage
  4. NEW– A photo box with a collage of Palmerston’s train history
  5. Poster advertisement for fair using the theme
  6. Decorated greeting card using the theme
  7. Scrapbook page (12×12) using the theme
  8. Decorative item for garden or porch
  9. Door hanging item or wreath
  10. Wooden train or train set with tracks
  11. NEW– Grains theme decoration in a mason jar
  12. NEW– Decorated train conductors hat

SECTION B: Christmas

  1. Decorated Christmas stocking
  2. Personalized Christmas tree ornament – Will have a mini tree to display work
  3. NEW– Christmas half apron
  4. Christmas hanging door decoration – not a wreath
  5. Christmas centerpiece – flower arrangement
  6. Christmas centerpiece-flower arrangement
  7. Christmas decoration on a mantle, not floral with lights
  8. Snowman article
  9. Outdoor Christmas decoration made with burlap
  10. Holder for Christmas cards
  11. Santa, any medium
  12. 3 handmade greeting cards, mounted on one paper together
  13. Christmas Wreath

SECTION C: Scrap booker’s Heaven – All pages in clear plastic covers and tags on top left corner

  1. Scrapbooking album – 8×8 or smaller
  2. Scrapbooking album- 12×12 or larger, not a photo album
  3. NEW– Scrapbook done online and printed – example Shutterfly- 8×10 or larger
  4. NEW– 12×12- showing Canadian Pride and History
  5. NEW– Plowing Match IPM memory 2016 page
  6. NEW– sports page
  7. 12×12- summer family fun page
  8. NEW– 12×12- Disney vacation page
  9. 12×12- winter page
  10. 12×12- camping page
  11. 12×12- newborn baby page
  12. 12×12- house pets page
  13. 12×12- wedding page
  14. NEW– 12×12- Christmas 2016 page
  15. NEW– Homemade First birthday greeting card
  16. Handmade Wedding greeting card
  17. Handmade new baby greeting card
  18. Handmade get well soon greeting card

SECTION D: Crafts for the Home

  1. Full apron
  2. NEW– Decorated burlap wreath
  3. Decoration for kitchen
  4. Decoration for living room
  5. Table runner for dining room -12×53
  6. Set of 4 napkin rings
  7. Decoration for Nursery
  8. Handmade item for toy box
  9. Decoration using a vase
  10. Decorated towel set for washroom
  11. Decorated toothbrush holder
  12. Decoration for front porch
  13. Article made of stone
  14. Centerpiece for a wedding – not floral, if more than one piece have mounted
  15. Homemade bird house
  16. NEW– Item made for a pet to wear
  17. Infant bib- any material
  18. Craft made of recycled material
  19. Gift for a teacher
  20. Handmade Gift bag tags, smaller than 3inches
  21. Hostess Gift
  22. NEW– Any craft inspired by “Pinterest”
  23. Almost complete craft

SECTION E: Fine Arts & Woodworking

  1. Portrait in pencil sketch
  2. Any painting on wood
  3. Any painting on barn board
  4. A seasonal painting on canvas
  5. A painting of a tree or flower on canvas
  6. A sunset or sunrise painting on a canvas
  7. A painting of a person on a canvas
  8. Drawing  of the fair
  9. Original poem about the fair – hand written or printed and signed by exhibitor
  10. Abstract art work
  11. A carved wooden article
  12. Wooden toy
  13. Wooden wall hanging decoration
  14. Wooden chair or stool


  1. Fall wreath
  2. Thanksgiving decoration
  3. Halloween porch decoration
  4. NEW– Decorated Witches Broom
  5. NEW– Groundhog Day Decoration
  6. Easter basket
  7. Valentine’s Decoration, not floral
  8. Valentine’s Day poem – original
  9. St. Patrick’s Day decoration
  10. Mother’s day gift
  11. Father’s day gift


  • Ambassador’s Section- Includes current and past competitors
  1. Senior Ambassador Entry of any entry above- give number
  2. Junior Ambassador Entry of any entry above- give number


  • Adult Colouring Page- See centre of fair book for entry page, will go onto a draw for prize


  • Best in Class! Most Points in Class M


  • Community Mittens Special


Giving Back to the Community Project 2017

No Entry Fee

All items become the property of the Palmerston Agricultural Society


This year we are looking for mittens to be made for students at the Palmerston Public School that might forget them on a cold day and have these mittens available to them for recess time.


Please enter your mittens into the Specials Section of Hobbies & Crafts  Class M- Community Mittens

Prizes Awarded: 1st–  $10.00, 2nd– $7.50, 3rd– $5.00, 4th– $2.50

Let’s see how many mittens we can make!