Back in 1897

The History is Long!

About the Fair

The first fairs that were held in Palmerston from 1879 – 1896 were sponsored by the Palmerston Horticultural Society, until Ministry cutbacks forced them to cease.

On Jan. 13, 1897 the Palmerston and North Wallace Agricultural Society was formed.  They purchased the land for the fairgrounds that year.  Over the years there were various additions made including a racetrack and grandstand (no longer there).

The yellow barn at the entrance to the Community Centre was moved to the community centre property.  All of the exhibits were displayed there, on 2 levels, until the arena was built.
The society has contributed to the town through many donations.  In 1961 land for a ball diamond, currently known as the Barb Wright ball diamond was donated.  In 1967 a swimming pool was built.  This land was returned when the present pool was built.

In 1976 the largest donation, worth $60,000 at the time, was made for the Palmerston Community Complex.
In 1996 , in conjunction with a neighbouring landowner, land and access to it was supplied for a second ball diamond.  The local soccer club also uses the grounds for their games.
In recent years we have held some popular special events.  The Palmerston Toy Show was held from 1987 – 1995.  The Western Ontario Sheep Dog Trial had a 10 year run from 1994 – 2003.

Popular Events

Two of our most popular events are the Ambassador of the Fair competition (1976) and the annual tractor pull (1979).  In 2000 the Farmer’s Pre-Seeding BBQ was started and continues to be a hit with the farming community.
The children also have their favorites including the Tiny Tyke Show (1991), the Children’s carnival (1996) and the Agri-Awareness program for grade 6 students (1994).

Compiled 2009

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